The Client

Uppsala stadsteater (Uppsala City Theatre) is a vibrant artistic meeting place where local, national and international topics are shared. Their role is to produce and present a complex and rich repertoire, including the charged issues of contemporary time. The theatre is a magnet for the city and by its artistic force helps contribute to the city’s long-term development.

The Project

Uppsala stadsteater has the same offerings as Stockholms well-known establishments but due to the location it gets a more local stamp. Uppsala stadsteaters goal was to increase the awareness of their national and international quality and as a part of this goal, the direct communication with their visitors needed to reflect this. Hence, the website needed to reach modern needs and functions as well as distinguishing itself from their main competitors.

The Solution

This project was a collaboration between Ola Möller (now running Methodkit), the webb agency iGoMoon and KUF. After an internal workshop, creation of the site structure and timeframe, we focused on the details that would make Uppsala stadsteater unique. Our focus was to make the online experience as similar to the real experience of being at the theatre: sensitive to moods, eclectic and hints of magic. As well as creating an online experience, we added small details that increased the turnaround of new visitors by lifting the buy function and highlighting daily events and  featured programs.

Concept & Inspiration