The Client

Starke Arvid produces intelligent handling equipment, developed to facilitate work within construction, transport and engineering industries.
The name derives from the famous Swedish strong man Arvid Andersson who won the title as the worlds strongest man back in 1900, New York. Starke Arvid or “Strong Arvid” is now a household name in Swedish construction sites.

The Project

To commemorate the legend behind the name, the company wanted to personify the brand with a custom made character.
An older version of  the strong man was drawn as a mascot in the 90s but had with time gotten outdated. The previous version represented only muscle-power lacking the company’s main USP – intelligence.

The Solution

A new Arvid was born. After researching the long history of this legend there were som key findings regarding which attributes to portray for authenticity. The result was a character with less brawn and more brains to portray Starke Arvid’s way of thinking.
The new Arvid is currently touring several suppliers and construction sites. Leaving his memorable mark through social media. #arvidwashere

Concept & Inspiration

The Process

In order to create a long lasting design we dove in to the history of Starke Arvid. The character was created using key findings in attributes from old photos and clippings regarding posture and the main features. This was then combined with a colour palette derived from the product range and graphic identity.

The result

KUF nailed it!

We decided to create a visual profile and put a face on the brand Starke Arvid. Arvid has been with us since the start and there has been several attempts to portrait him. We needed something that could be used together with #arvidwashere in social media and other mkt channels and material. We sat down with KUF Design and together went over the company history and timeline. After minor tweaking and over phone dialog KUF nailed it and Arvid was born. The project was efficient and well invested!

Daniel Gustafsson
Sales Manager
Starke Arvid