Payday 2 goes Papercraft

The Client

OVERKILL Software is a game-development company founded by industry veterans that joined forces with Starbreeze Studios to create PAYDAY 2, the adrenaline fuelled bank robbing co-op game. This is one of their most popular games. They have a community of 4,5 million members that they have gained through building a strong relationship with the gamers themselves.

The Project

To maintain the good relationship with the community, Overkill hosts campaigns with intricate storylines, new levels, features and downloadable content (DLC). For the spring 2017 campaign, Overkill wanted to give back something extra special to the community. Since the story behind the campaign (The Search for Kento) was strongly linked to Japan, paper craft became an obvious choice.

The Solution

KUF designed a vast set of DIY printable paper figures, props and locations for members in the community called the Papergang. Through the #myheister competition, community members got the chance to make their own paper heisters and the winner becoming an actual in-game playable character. Since Payday 2 has taken a step into the physical world, the brand is now in constant frame of mind, even when the screen is turned off.

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Graphic Adaptation


Paper Engineering

Fold your own Paperheister!