The Client

Nannynu! is one of the largest babysitting agencies and they play an important role for families all across Sweden. They specialise in recruiting and training babysitters to ensure that they can deliver the best quality for their clients. The babysitting industry is extremely sensitive to political decisions and at the same time very competitive. This creates a lot of challenges when recruiting babysitters or attracting new clients and keeping a high standard.

The Project

Sometimes we find clients that we really want to work with and Nannynu! is definetly one of them. Without any prior contact or connections, making an impression is always a challenge. We obviously wanted to grab their attention and the most effectful way to do so was by sending them a physical greeting. Little did we know that this was to be our first ever “Love Bomb”, a concept used to introduce KUF to strangers.

The Solution

It was vital for us to to show our knowledge about Nannynu! and their situation, combined with storytelling. Because children books play a central role for babysitters and their job, we decided it would be the perfect medium to retell Nannynu’s story and introducing KUF at the same time. We created pop-up details to add an element of surprise and keep the reader engaged throughout the book. As a final element of storytelling (and an ultimate WOW-factor) we created an audio book that played at the turn of every page. 

Concept & Inspiration


Constructing a Pop-Up

To create an interactive book with tabs, folds and pop-ups, we needed to prioritise the content and highlight the most important details. Once we had a basic layout, we selected the most central elements to enhance with the use of different paper-folding techniques. The paper tabs, folds and pop-ups needed to be tested at the same time as creating the visual aesthetics to ensure that these would work well together.

We also implemented classic bookbinding techniques to make sure that the final product would stand the test of time.


Adding audio to a pop-up book creates an ultimate reading experience. We figured out that we can create this effect by dismantling birthday greeting cards (the ones where you record your own message) and reinstall the microchips inside the pages of the book. To make an more powerful experience and bring an extra level to the storytelling, we asked an 11 year old girl (Kim’s niece) to be the narrator.

Love Bomb

The Delivery

The pop-up book was packaged together with an introduction letter, snacks and cookies for the team at Nannynu! and was delivered by David at their head office in Stockholm. Here is a video clip seconds before the drop.