It’s the oddballs that make a difference.

We are a design-driven concept agency who effectively build brands with great results.

KUF is the Swedish word for an oddball and we bare this name with pride. After all, differentiating yourself from a crowd and going your own way is a good thing. We stand out from the crowd with our love for creating physical things by hand. Don’t get us wrong, we dig digital stuff too (we are not backwards!), we just have to incorporate physical research and development in our work.

After years in the industry at other agencies, we grew tired of seeing client/agency relationships and results go wrong because of poor communication. To solve this, we started KUF so we could be close to decision-makers and listen to them unfiltered. Combining their expertise and our knowledge we can finally get to the bottom of what the real problem is.

The computer is only a tool.

Pen and paper is another, and so is our hands. There is a bad habit in the design industry to live and breath through their computers and we find that this is quite limiting. We work with paper, wood and plastic in large-scale and micro-tiny to insure that final results stand out and become tangible.

Every project we take on is completely different from the last, and there isn’t anything we love more than not knowing. Driven by curiousity we find out as much as possible about you and your fans so when your knowledge and our craft collide, your clients will love you.

We will ask odd questions, come with peculiar anecdotes and reference bizarre examples so we can deliver great work to you that makes a difference and creates an effect.

We don’t know anything, yet.