We are a concept-driven design agency who believe that building great brands deserves commitment.

After an intense period of prototyping, folding and cutting, we are extremely proud to see our paper figures go live with Overkills latest campaign for Payday 2, ”The Search for Kento”.


Use your common sense. See what I’m saying?

Design is not only visual. It’s also sound, smell, touch and taste. Things become really interesting when we move these senses around. To us, it is just common sense.


A cake without a process is just a bunch of ingredients.

Once all the right ingredients are in place we use our processes to deliver outstanding results every time, giving every assignment its unique twist with a cherry on top.


I don’t know what it is, but YOU have got IT!

Sometimes the result is what you planned, sometimes it is the unexpected – KUF always guarantees a spectacular result making your clients choice of brand an easy one!

The people behind these brands rock our world

We will treat you as a friend and treat your brand as a treasure.

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